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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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No, I'm not. I'll see it when the library gets it on DVD.
So, you'll see it.
It's not important if you see it on the big screen or a free dvd. You'll still be wasting time watching a movie you hate already. And then wasting more time talking about it online most likely.
Well, I saw The Dark Knight Rises on DVD, even after despising TDK. It all comes down to the fact that I have a morbid curiosity to see what new levels of suck Nolan and other people will go too. Now, I don't watch most movies I think will be bad. But, this is a superman movie. I'll watch it, on DVD for free. Its not like they put out a hundred superhero movies a year, so even bad ones with characters I know are worth glancing at. My time isn't super valuable anyway. If there is a few good fight scenes, or some especially bad acting/dialog/plot points to laugh at or mock, spending a few hours watching it will be worth it. If its unwatchable, I'll stop watching and return the DVD to the library. I'm a fan of comics and superheros, so I usually check out even the superhero movies I know I won't like. Its the same reason I'll watch ST: Into Darkness on dVD. I actually hate Abrams a bit more than Nolan (although they're pretty close when it comes to being horrible), but since there is literally no Trek besides the books, I'll watch what they put out, but not support it monetarily. Same goes with superhero movies. I know I'll like most of the Marvel stuff, and they make a good amount. WB doesn't do many superhero movies, so I'll atleast check out what they do put out, even if I know it will be bad.
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