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I think that earlier MI movies are relevant for comparative purposes. The two teams we had were M/F 2/3 and 3/1 in MI1, 2/0 in MI2, and 3/1 in 3 & 4, (I think) with one more man if you count their boss. There has been a consistent imbalance there since the promising start.
Focusing solely on the team is a very poor basis for analysis in M:I movies, since the first three movies downplayed the team element and focused more on Hunt as a solo protagonist. Ghost Protocol is the only one so far that really plays as an ensemble piece like the original series.

So you need to look beyond the team and consider all the characters who were important in the movies. And in M:I:III, there are two very important female cast members who are not members of Hunt's official team -- Keri Russell in the first act, and Michelle Monaghan throughout, especially in the final act. I can't believe you're ignoring the complete inversion of traditional gender roles in the climax of the third film!

When dealing with pure fantasy though, I think more effort should be made to apply higher standards of equality. Not every female character should be strong and up there with the main heroes but the same should be true of the male characters.
I definitely agree with that. I just think the evidence proves that it's unfair to accuse Abrams, Kurtzman, and Orci of sexism, because all of them have a proven record writing stories with strong, central female protagonists. If there is pressure to downplay female characters in the films and comic, it's unlikely to be coming from them, given their record. I'm not saying it doesn't exist or that it's acceptable, I'm just saying, don't blame people who don't deserve to be blamed.

Given their success with franchises featuring female leads 'could do (much) better' springs to mind for NuTrek. Whether pressure is coming from above or not (and I find it hard to believe that producers are saying, 'Use less women') the end result is lacking.
Why is that hard to believe? Executives have been saying things just like that for generations, meddling in shows and films and comics and forcing them to add or drop or alter characters to fit their views of what the target audience would want to see. Just browse through TV Tropes's pages on Executive Meddling.
I love the team set pieces the most. I could do without the principal hero approach to MI. For my part, a well written standard mission would be more exciting than the oh no everything has gone wrong we have to go up a notch approach that they keep on rolling out. I'm not ignoring the contribution of the women they do have; I'm just saying that a well written smurfette doesn't mean that a movie scores well on the equality front.

They are capable of writing their principal women quite well. All they need to do is write for more of them in NuTrek. The movie isn't out yet and they are edging towards increasing female involvement by having two (gasp) prominent women. There should be more and indeed there may be more that we don't know about. We'll have to wait and see. I'm willing to bet there is still a ratio of 2:1 in speaking roles and half those women will be primarily wife/mother/girlfriend/sex object roles.
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