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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

No, I'm not. I'll see it when the library gets it on DVD. Even if I had the money/transportation to get to the nearest theatre (about 25 miles away) I wouldn't waste my time/money on it. When TDK came out, I almost went and saw it (Since its the movie that made me hate Nolan, I was actually originally hopeful that it would be good). But, luckily it was crowded so my brother, dad and I decided it would be better to go see Tropic Thunder. it was a great decision. We saw a funny comedy, and it delayed having to see the worst Superhero movie ever for months. Of course, my dad did by it on DVD when it came out, which turned out to be a waste of money (something my brother, dad and I agree on, although they don't have the same Nolan hate I do, they just don't bother with his movies at all after TDK). I've never actually seen a movie more than once in theatres (well, except Lion King apparently, but I hadn't even turned 4 yet, and don't really remember, my Dad just talks about taking me twice), but I definately wouldn't see a Nolan movie even once. I've been fairly lucky with seeing movies, the only bad ones I've seen were 10,000 BC, Star Trek 2009 and Pink Panther. but, I haven't seen a movie in about 2 years because of money and transportation issues (missing Avengers and the Hobbit in theatres sucked) so I don't see myself seeing any movies on the big screen for the forseeable future, much less movies I know I'll hate.
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