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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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How many viewers are going to have the patience to wait for something that's going to happen seven seasons from now, on the very slim chance that it doesn't get cancelled before then. Why even bother with a premise like this?
Countless TV series over the decades have been about characters pursuing goals that wouldn't be achieved until the very end of the series if at all, because the quests were just excuses to motivate the characters' adventures. Usually it's an open-ended quest -- find the one-armed man, get off the island, get back to Earth/the present/the Alpha Quadrant, find a cure for the Hulk/the invisibility gland, eventually become Superman, etc. But sometimes there's a set time limit that's equivalent to the expected series run -- the Babylon 5 sequel Crusade, for example, had a 5-year deadline to save the Earth (although apparently it wasn't meant to take that long). War of the Worlds: The Series, in its first season, established that a larger alien invasion fleet would arrive in less than five years -- just in time for an epic series finale (though this was abandoned by the retooled second season). The X-Files's mythology arc involved an impending alien invasion in 2012, IIRC -- well beyond the life expectancy of the series.

And then there was the 1965 Run for Your Life, about a man who learned he had no more than 18 months to live and spent the series fulfilling what we'd now call a bucket list. The show ran for three seasons and just ignored the question of how much time had passed. So you don't want to have your series deadline come too early. (See also M*A*S*H, an 11-year series about a 3-year war.)

In this case, it sounds like the focus is not so much on the girl's powers, but on the mission to protect her from those who want to destroy her or use her for their own ends. The storyline might involve the gradual emergence of her powers, something like, perhaps, Olivia's journey on Fringe as she gradually became aware of what she was capable of. Maybe it could have a Smallville-ish vibe too, not in the sense of having active superpowers, but more in the sense of training for/struggling to accept a great destiny.
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