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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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More and more, I hear about people simply not bothering to watch broadcast at all (I've stopped entirely) and planning to see shows that survive long enough to have a full season under their belt. Some network needs to break out of the pack by coming up with some dazzing, very-different premise for a series and then announcing, fuck the Nielsens, we'll show the whole season regardless of what happens.
The broadcast networks, and I think they'd agree are to some degree prevented by FCC regulations from producing edgy programming.

Lets use Revolution as a great example. It's a good show IMO with a good premise but because the FCC restricts what NBC can broadcast in terms of content they simply don't have a chance to create a runaway hit as The Wakling Dead has with a very similar premise in terms of an apocalypse occuring.

Edited to add: I'd wager the succes of the HS series The Bible had a lot to do with Christian folks being told it was on at church at to tune in

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