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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Eh, I don't trust that review, mostly because I liked Iron Man 2 (it wasn't as good as IM1, but its a solid movie, although the villain sucks) and hated TDK, the opposite of the reviewer. Plus, the person states they don't care how Superman/Clark Kent has been in comics, so that probably means that this superman is just as dark and brooding as I thought Nolan would make him. This movie does sound like Nolan's style of garbage. The movie sounds like exactly what I expected. Nolan's Batman movies with a Superman skin. Comparing it to The Matrix is just weird, and comparing it to Batman Begins means that it may just be mediocre, not horrible (Batman begins being the only Nolan movie I don't hate, although it wasn't a good movie by any means, it was just extremely mediocre). There is a chance the movie may be slighty better than TDK or Rises, since there isn't much chance that Cavill could be a worse actor than Bale, but its still going to be the worst of the SM movies.
Regarding the higlighted section. Your mind is closed and made up. What would itt ake for you to go to the movie with a more open mind?
They'd have to fire Nolan, then rewrite and reshoot the movie. Just from that review, it seems to be reeking of Nolan. Since I think he's a talentless hack who made the worst superhero film I've ever seen, I am definately going to hate everything he does, and MoS looks to be his movie, regardless of the fact that he's not the director. I mean, every producer (according to wikipedia) worked with nolan on his horrible Batman movies, and the writer wrote TDK (and Rises). They literally just took everyone who worked on one of my most hated movies and put them on MoS. I can't have an open mind about this movie. Its made by people whose work I have hated in the past. The only way I could hate it more is if Abrams and the writers who wrote Transformers/Star Trek 2009 were involved. So, no I can't have a more open mind about this movie.

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^I'm guessing a brain transplant.
Well, I would take a lobotomy to make Nolan's stuff seem good
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