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Re: Kenney Pens Trek Experience Book

Kenney's one of three actors who've played Captain Pike.....and of those three, he's clearly had the least to do. For those who've seen his book, how many pages is it? How much is devoted to ''The Menagerie''? Or his ''Terminal Island'' role, for that matter?

It's good for Grace Lee Whitney to write a book, but not necessarily for Lt. Kyle. Kenney played a man who could not move and spent his scenes beeping once or twice. It strikes me as a thin premise for a book. ''Two Flashes Mean No'' also would've been a better title.

But since he's already done it, let's also have the following.

'' I Ate Chicken Soup in the Transporter Room''
''I Am Not Nilz Baris''
''I Am Nilz Baris''
''Beyond Kelinda''
''I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen''
''Stupid Place to Hang a Mirror''
''Charlie Made Me A Lizard''
''Stealing Spock's Brain''

The possibilities are endless. But I think there's a justifiable limit.
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