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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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This sounds a bit too much like Touch in a sense. Especially if those powers don't manifest for 7 years. Hm.
How many viewers are going to have the patience to wait for something that's going to happen seven seasons from now, on the very slim chance that it doesn't get cancelled before then. Why even bother with a premise like this?

So many of the pilots this year sound like insta-flops, very similar to shows that have been flopping this season. You'd think given the depressing ratings situation overall (NBC losing the #4 slot to Univision, The History Channel kicking networks' butt in the demo - just two recent canaries in the coal mine), the networks would be swinging for the fences more, but this year is even more boring and vanilla than last year.

More and more, I hear about people simply not bothering to watch broadcast at all (I've stopped entirely) and planning to see shows that survive long enough to have a full season under their belt. Some network needs to break out of the pack by coming up with some dazzing, very-different premise for a series and then announcing, fuck the Nielsens, we'll show the whole season regardless of what happens.

That alone would break through the clutter and grab some attention. Something similar is a big reason why Netflix got so much attention for House of Cards - simply that it was doing something different, and showing it respected the audience's wishes (to binge or not to binge, the audience had the power,not the network).

Of course the other big fact was that House of Cards was genuinely quite good. So the network that tried this would actually have to deliver. But there's nothing about House of Cards that couldn't have worked just as well under FCC rules. Just tone down the language and sex (which were not vital to the story). Not saying that a political thriller is the way to go, but it needs to be good enough quality to impress people.
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