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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

Posted by kozara:
You're welcome, Lupine. And your Thearax is in a different folder than the one I uploaded, so you uploaded it just fine. I'll delete my versions on the next pass through my imageshack collection.

What's the story behind the Arax? A story character, or just a quick sketch?

The Thearax were a species in a story I started in high school, all those eons ago. It was completely amaturistic and I gringe while reading it, but there were several elements I'd like to re-use. The Thearax have a hive-like society (the one pictured is a sterile intellectual drone)and up until a social revolution were known to make slaves of other species including humans (who would later become known as Thearuman). The sketch I'm using was one I drew I think it was about ten years ago now. There are other sketches of other species from my books and stories I'm tempted to use as well.
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