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Re: Paramount and CBS teaming for TV production

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Only if you're a fan of Beverly Hills Cop. For Star Trek fans, not really.
Temis the Vorta points out the relevance to the Trek franchise as regards to a Trek TV series.
Think long term CE Evans not just 7 months from now. My post above details the development and strategizing for CBS and Paramount with the 3rd nuTrek film for long term marketing purposes. The next Trek TV series is not just a decision made in a month and jump into preproduction of a series and casting. The franchise is too big for that.
This thread highlights a news item and shows its relevance to a Trek TV series early planning for development along with strategizing for any tie in with the feature film coattails $$ marketing budget.
For CBS to have a pilot ready for the release of the 3rd nuTrek film's blu-ray release or at least a teaser trailer before completion of the pilot for that blu-ray is huge for marketing.
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