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Re: Apophis - Could Stirke Earth in 2036

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It gets even more interesting--on the subjects of impacts.

Here is one for Ripley

"Having reconstructed the Tunguska event with due attention to all the evidence, we have to conclude that it could not have been an asteroid or a comet core. There seems to exist in space another type of dangerous space objects, whose nature still remains unknown...".

A little skeptical though:

Odd neighbor?
I recall a special on the Discovery channel that made it very clear it was a Tesla coil that did it. There are many stories on the internet about it. Here is a random one. My guess is something very odd happened there and whatever it was. The Discovery special made it also clear that Mr. Morgan was responsible for terminating the telsa program once he found out Telsa wanted to give away free energy to the world. The part responsible for the event was the experiment to teleport energy from one location to another, sort of like the Philadelphia experiment.
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