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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

You're welcome, Lupine. And your Thearax is in a different folder than the one I uploaded, so you uploaded it just fine. I'll delete my versions on the next pass through my imageshack collection.

What's the story behind the Arax? A story character, or just a quick sketch?

Btw, in answer to Garak above (plain, simple Garak, not Elim Garak ), IE saves as BMP if the JPG/GIF is no longer in cache. The BMP is a big screenshot of the file, rather than the original file itself.

If the pic's a link, right-click the link, Save Target As. That'll work every time.

If it's on the page, shift+reload helps. That's force refresh.
If it's really stubborn, I go to another page, clear cache and then force refresh: Go to another page. Tools -> Internet Options, Delete [Temporary Internet] Files. Click Back, then shift+reload.
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