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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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All of our heroes for that matter can get a head shot from 30-50 away on a dead run, from a moving vehicle, through chain link fences and so on (with a pistol no less) but when a character is not supposed to die they canít hit the broad side of a barn.
Its the Star Wars Stormtrooper effect. In the original Star Wars, Stormtroopers were absolutely lethal in the film's opening attack on the rebel ship, but later on, when they were fighting with the heroes of the film, they may as well have been shooting in the opposite direction while standing on their heads..with Nerf guns.

In other words, to advance a necessary part of the plot, Carl--like Stormtroopers--cannot deliver a fatal shot to a character who is important. We may not see Morgan again, but for the episode, he was as important as the series leads.
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