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Re: Spielberg developing Kubrick's Napoleon

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
If I find that Kubrick's script has been heavily adapted, I'm going to have very little interest in seeing this. While I understand that some changes might be necessary, the fewer changes, the better. With Kubrick's name attached, as something to draw me in as a viewer, I naturally want to witness as much Kubrick as possible...
Harvey wrote: View Post
Without Kubrick in the director's chair, and with the changes that will inevitably happen transforming it from a motion picture to a television miniseries, I'm not sure the final product will have much of anything to do with deceased filmmaker...
Not knowing anything about the original Kubrick project myself, I looked it up and came across this quote on its wikipedia (so usual reliability caveats apply) page:

During interviews with Michael Ciment, Kubrick said he still intended to do the film some day. He also explained that his screenplay adopted a chronological approach to his life:

"Napoleon himself once remarked what a great novel his life would be. I'm sure he would have said "movie" if he had known about them. His entire life is the story, and it works perfectly well in the order it happened. It would also be nice to do it as a twenty hour TV series, but there is, as yet, not enough money available in TV to properly budget such a venture."
I'm sure Spielberg has access to adequate funds!

I also came across this book on Amazon, should any hard-core Kubrick devotees be interested.

I'm potentially interested in the series more from a Napoleon angle than a Kubrick one. But it seems like there may be a bit more of Kubrick in the TV series than I'd have originally guessed.
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