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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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No actually in short.

It was an enjoyable enough episode but (IMO) it wasn't the bestest one EVER or this season because of the Nits I listed.
I was teasing man. In any case, my only nitpicks with this episode is Michone all of a sudden seems seems to be faster than the flash. First she gets on the roof in like 5 seconds and then she retrieves the picture in roughly the same amount of time.

What's up with that?

Also, BTW did anyone notice the strange cut between when Carl was looking into the restaurant, giggles the door handle and then the cut away where he's 30 some feet away from the building?

It was an odd scene cut IMO and I was wondering if the scene didn't film right and they skipped another take?

Also, if you watch the Talking Dead episode this week they missed some great footage where apparently Morgan had also created the abiity to zipline from one builidng to another. They recreated that for the set but failed to show it on the episode. Why not?
No worries.

Yeah I noticed that cut too I just thought it was part of my "version" of the episode.
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