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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

If this interview is true, and Levar Burton's words aren't being twisted or taken out of context, all I can say is...Has he started taking drugs?

Seriously, even if, someone in JJ's Camp, or JJ himself wishes JJTrek to be the only one people remember, so what? Like that's really going to happen? I have a really tough time believing JJ has nothing better to do with his time, then to goaround spreadsing his intention of erasing all other Trek, especially since that is impossible.

And this fool Robert Meyer Burnett, doesn't have a clue, the interview starts off with him blathering on about Serialized TV doesn't have A and B stories and 5 episodes??? Huh? Of course Serialized TV deals with A and B stories and 5 act episodes (The 5 acts are Commercial Breaks,DUH?) DS9, B5, Farscape, Walking Dead, NuBSG.... all follow this structure and are serialized (with the exception being DS9 was light on Serialization)
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