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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

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The smaller city doesn't inherently bother me. I see advantages and disadvantages.
I thought the same thing until I saw the Giant Bomb video and an image that someone mocked up in the Ars comments (see page 9). We're not talking something half the size of cities in the previous SimCity games which I'd be okay with--we're talking a MUCH smaller fraction. I tend to play like FPAlpha and build huge, sprawling metropolises rather than constantly starting new cities. That simply doesn't seem to be possible in this game.
Oh wow, I just looked at the video. That is, in fact, pathetic. If it were twice that size, it would be small but still inspiring of a nice city. I agree half the size of Sim City 2000 would probably be a reasonable compromise. That's like my neighborhood. I probably routinely travel larger distances that are possible in that game.

ETA: Does anyone know if there's a demo. I'm willing to at least give it a fair shake at no cost to me.
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