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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Can I get a non-spoiler summary of that?
There weren't any really huge spoilers but since I don't know what someone else might consider a spoiler I won't go into any details:

The story is simple but well executed. It's character focused and it makes you look forward to a sequel. There is also lighthearted humor in it.
The action is great and there's quite a bit of it. It feels like the first time Superman has been done justice in live action.
Cavil is a great Superman that makes you care and want him to succeed.
Zod is badass with great lines.
The Lois/Clark/Superman relationship is the weakest part of the movie but it doesn't mean Adams gave a bad performance. She's better when alone or with the rest of her crew.
The rest of the cast is strong too.
The music is nice, sometimes slow and emotional other times epic. The main theme is different but it fits MoS.
The villains for the potential sequel are hinted.

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