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DS9 DVD playback problems?

Okay, I know I'm very late to the game on this (as in a DECADE late), so I apologize -- but did any of my fellow Niners have problems with the DS9 DVDs? I purchased the set a couple of months ago which was new, but I'm having trouble playing some video on some of the DVDs (again, brand new and no visible scratches). I tried them in my bluray player, DVD player, plus 2 DVD roms on 2 different computers -- same problems. Most play just fine, but at least two of them are faulty. I'm also surprised at the flimsy packaging. It all looks very cool, but the glue loosely holding the DVD holders to the individual binders was surprising. I've read about similar issues on other forums, but I think there are more people on this forum which is why I'm bringing it up here. At the very least I'm hoping I didn't get burned with a bootleg copy. But my main issue is some of the DVDs freezing up or not playing properly. Anybody else have similar issues? I suppose they could be starting to rot since they're practically antiques now (haha).
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