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Re: Project: Full Circle Mission Length

^Why does it "need" to catch up? Prior to Destiny four years ago, the various series did fine taking place in their own separate time frames. DS9, SCE, and Gorkon were hovering around 2376/7 but not exactly in sync, VGR was in 2378, TNG and Titan were in 2379/80 but not exactly in sync, and New Frontier was wherever it wanted to be. Destiny aligned the majority of the 24th-century series for the trilogy itself, but that was meant to be a special event, not a permanent status quo. Afterward, the series began to go at their own separate paces again for a couple of years; even the first four Typhon Pact novels were spread across nearly two years, and only two of them happened around the same time (but had zero story connection to one another).

As things presently stand as of the most recent installments, TNG is up to late 2384, DS9 is up to late 2383 (not counting the epilogue of Raise the Dawn, which is a year later), TTN is in late 2382, and VGR is in late 2381. So the four current 24th-century series are all spaced about a year apart -- or at most two are in sync. So VGR isn't that much of a standout.
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