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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I'll give them credit for using mostly new bodies and molds in their Star Wars Vintage Collection to ensure that the line retained a premium look and feel (sure, the Clone Troopers were recycles with new paint apps and details but that only makes sense from both a practical and in-universe standpoint), but when it comes to their other SW figure lines they love, love, love, love to squeeze every possible penny out of a mold even if it means reviving a figure from ten or twelve years ago, adding a helmet or new accessory and hoping people think it looks new.

The upcoming Black Series and Saga Legends lines contain mostly brand-new sculpts and the reused bodies seem to be limited to Imperial and Clone soldiers, but in a down economy and with increasing Chinese labor costs it won't take them long to go back to recycling old parts to cut more corners.
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