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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Right, I read that. I wasn't exactly making a factual claim, so much as just venting, in the form of stereotypical nerd rage (in a manner that I'd hoped would have come through clearly enough to read).
I didn't have my nerdrage glasses on. I see it now.

However, in all seriousness, perhaps the shows being too off-beat had something to do with the toys not selling?

Or, more precisely, perhaps it was a combination of the shows' audiences simply not demanding the toys that were supplied, and of people who buy such toys not being interested in those shows in particular. I don't really know, because I never even saw the toys. It's a foregone conclusion that I wouldn't have bought them, unless they just happened to be some exquisitely crafted collectibles.
I have to admit, if there were any toys, I wasn't interested in buying them. I just don't really buy toys anymore. My son is far to young for that kind of toy. So, I guess that makes me a part of the problem!

I have a feeling, the audience skewed older... I have no facts to back that up... but, YJ, I wonder if a 10 year old would be hooked on the longer story lines like... well, this 38 year old?
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