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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

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Over the weekend, I went to the local Barnes & Noble to get "Devil's Bargain". They didn't have any copies in either the Star Trek section or the "New in SF & Fantasy" section

This time, I was told that the book could only be ordered for home delivery, not delivery to the store. Fortunately, since I'm a member of their Preferred Reader club, I got free delivery. But I didn't get the usual 10% discount on book purchases for members.

Since I've been going to B&N since Borders closed to get that 10% discount, and I can get new MMPBs through Amazon also at full price but with free shipping (I order enough every few months to qualify for free shipping), B&N is reducing the reasons I need (and want!) to visit their store. And that reduces the chance I'll make an impulse purchase, my daughters will find something they *must* have in the manga aisle, or my wife will want a book in the paranormal romance area; that means less money they'll get from me. And I'm obviously not the only one put off by their tactics in this dispute with Simon & Schuster. I'm pesisimstic whether B&N will still be around in 5 years...
Let's think this through OK? You would rather spend the gas money at $3.60 a gallon there and back and save $80 cents with your member discount instead of paying the 80 cents and getting free shipping worth $2.98 direct to your door and no gas expense? You see where I'm going here? What you are saving in member discount and what you are spending on gas it is likely that you are actually spending more going to the store. Plus if you pre-order it online it arrives usually before the release date. Seems like a no brainer to me!

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