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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I So I watched the episode last night and although it was enjoyable I don’t get where people are saying it’s the best episode so far or this season.

Every episode I watch this season I like Rick less and less, he has essentially become a nuttier version of Shane and those guys he killed in the bar all rolled into one.
Ignoring the backpack guy was just cold and callous, driving off not once but TWICE without giving the guy a second glance?
I would have had a lot less problem with it if they had at least stopped and talked with him or at minimum even discussed it among themselves if they should stop or not, they just didn’t even think about it and kept driving.

Also Rick knows the governor has 75-100 people with him at Woodbury and at some point the groups are going to tangle again, you’ve got nine in your group and a baby, why aren’t you recruiting? Why are you running people off? Why aren’t you helping someone begging and pleading for your help?

Next when they come upon Morgan’s fortress they ignore all the warning signs and just invade someone else’s territory and are just going to take whatever they can find because they are OWED?

Just because Rick used to live there he is OWED? What if it was someone from the town that lived there longer than Rick and his family and stayed long after he left to not only defend the area but fortify it? Rick can just come in and take what he wants?
I’d even go as far to say that he doesn’t even have any rights to anything in the police station any longer, you took what you wanted and then abandoned it, period.

OK Nitpick time.
Usually some of the nits don’t really bother me but in this episode they were glaring plot devices, I hate those, you know the kind where so and so is an excellent shot until it’s time to miss all your targets or you have excellent cell phone reception in an underground cavern but then the next episode you can’t get any standing next to a cell tower because the plot would work if you did.

1. One little muddy spot on the road with no evidence of rain or wetness anywhere else and you get out of it with a few sticks wrapped in a rag with no effort?

2. Morgan wearing a motorcycle helmet so Rick (and we) couldn’t see who he was right away, yeah I get he was putting together makeshift riot gear but why would you need that if you were sniping from a roof? Why would you wear it to obscure your vision when sniping from a roof? Why wouldn’t you take the shield off or find one with a clear shield so you have better vision?
Do you know how hard it would be looking through a rifle scope wearing motorcycle helmet with a smoked shield?
Does that make any sense?

3. Carl shooting Morgan in the chest.
In the day and age of zombies and headshots does it make any sense to shoot anyone (alive or dead) anywhere but in the head?
Why would you shoot a living person anywhere but in the head to kill them?
Why risk killing them and have them coming back to potentially eat you?
Why use an extra bullet to re-kill the then newly formed zombie? After all wasn’t the whole point of the trip to find more guns and ammo (and other supplies)that they were short on?
Wouldn’t muscle memory pretty much demand that you only take headshots.

4. Morgan being knocked out after being shot.
I have to say I have never, EVER see anyone get knocked out when they got shot in their bullet proof vest in any TV show or movie I’ve ever watched.
Not only that but to be knocked out for so long seem very plot driven as well.

5. The booby traps.
How did Rick and Michone get Morgan over the Axe booby trap without setting it off? They were both struggling to drag him up the stairs so how did they lift him over the top stair and the wire a foot or so above the top stair without setting it off?
Why set up all these childish type of booby traps then you have cases of grenades and tons of guns?
Where did all that bamboo come from? Is Georgia bamboo heavy?

6. Morgan being so crazy.
Maybe it’s just me but Morgan seemed a bit too crazy and out of it, so much so he did and didn’t recognize Rick? After a year (or less)?
I dunno the whole Rick/Morgan conversation just went on too long for my taste, Morgan remembers minute details of this or that but doesn’t remember Rick?
That and Lenny James just seems like too intelligent of an actor for him to act so dumb, it just didn’t seem believable to me.

7. The Picture and the bar.
How does Carl know there is a picture of him and his parents hanging in the bar? Just how often did his parents take him to this bar?
The whole thing just felt too plot driven, I would rather have seen the writers not burn Rick’s house down and him go there instead, it would have been more believable.

Why was the bar full of walkers just around the corner from Morgan’s lair when he obviously has been spending a lot of time “Clearing” out the town of walkers?
Wouldn’t clearing the bar be more of a priority for several reasons? That being Food, alcohol (which can be used for a lot more than just drinking) and potential weapons?

Speaking of the bar, why where the walkers even in there, the front or back wasn’t locked and we know they know how to turn a door knob, we saw that in the very first episode with Morgan’s Zombie wife.

Also why do our Heroes insist on trying to sneak around them all the time?
This drives me NUTS, open the door and let one or two of them out into the street, deal with them in a more open environment instead of trapping yourself inside with them.

It also drives me nuts when they ignore them.
Rick when whey first arrive in town telling Michone and Carl to ignore the one behind them that the booby trap will get it, gee Rick you know that for sure? Do you really trust someone else’s booby trap that much?

Also with Morgan turning his back on the two at the end when he was tying the dead one to the gurney, why not kill all three and then start tying them to the gurney, why let two flop around to potentially get loose to eat you?

If it where me I would kill any around me, our heroes know they never stop coming, they know they continue to gather together until the eventually become a heard, sure one or two might not be able to push a fence over but why let them build up to potentially have enough weight to break your barriers?

After all what else do you have to do? Wouldn’t common sense say kill all you can kill?
Every one you kill is one less that could get you or yours or a even a stranger to create another Zombie later on.

Lastly I was sad to not see Morgan go with the group.
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