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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Particularly when you consider that they also recast James Rhodes when Terence Howard got disappointing reviews.
From what I understood, Howard was difficult to work with, and cost quite a bit.
Yeah, I don't think Cheadle would get better reviews... Howard is like ten times as charismatic.
I always thought Howard would make a good Tony Stark actually, from how I thought about Stark from the comics.

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Nothing against Howard but Cheadle is one of the best actors working.
And yet he was just a giant void in Iron Man 2. No wit, verve, charisma...nothing. As good an actor as he is, I'm not yet convinced he was the right choice for Rhodey. Fingers crossed that IM3 gives him something meaty to do.
A giant void bereft of wit, verve and charisma describes ALL of Iron Man 2 to me. It was a bad follow up. Cheadle is supremely talented and can only do so much with a shitty script.

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Why should they copy Marvel?
Because what Marvel did and how they did not only worked but worked fantastically. Why re-invent the wheel?
Because the reverse might work just as well?
Batman does not eat nachos.
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