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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x06 "The Schizoid Man"

This is a really solid episode about a technology we are likely to have in a few decades in the real world. Despite this miscalculation, the episode is extremely enjoyable, though not exactly great. Some excellent acting, an early chance to see Brent SPiner perform different roles because of his personality change; a Vulcan doctor; a cool set for Ira Graves house with some nice lighting; a very funny funeral sequence; a touch and go beam down/warp; a cool final confrontation with Picard and Data/Ira.

Some other miscalculations: The robots in Ira's office...really?? They look like they were created during the industrial revolution, talk about steam punk. The computer consoles looked like Atari Pac Man games that were re-purposed.

The remastering is breathtaking here. The planets at the beginning during the beam down were beautiful. **** rating
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