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Re: Court Martial - Ion Pod revisited

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Regarding the Ion Pod, I never saw those Mandel and Newitt drawings before. Definitely snagged them for my own files. Thanks, guys.

Incidentally, in the Mandel lower sensor dome concept, the pod looks too small for a man to occupy except as a contortionist.
Shouldn't there be a phaser emplacement where Mandel suspected the ion pod to be located?

I know, the phaser beams don't match exactly the center of the lower dome (did these VFX ever match exactly?) but I think this original VFX shot rather intended to locate the beams in the center than on the (usual) upper ring of the dome.

Additionally, the Mandel ion pod would straight connect to the phaser control room seen in "Balance of Terror". While its central power circuit column (first seen as transporter circuit in "The Enemy Within") could power this dome phaser, it's apparently to small to serve as a crawltube for a man.

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