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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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Or if they're a couple, they should keep it on the down-low and not exchange sweet nothings and kisses while on-duty. I mean, Starfleet is like the work-place and you can't get your work done if you are busy flirting with your girlfriend all the time.
Yeah, no. Star Trek is not a documentary about Starfleet. Starfleet doesn't exist, Starfleet is anything that is required by the plot. Refusing to include scenes because it doesn't fit into a narrow interpretation of what would happen within a fictional organisation is an insane way to write fiction.

It just contributed to making the Enterprise feel like a frat-house with a bunch of kids that are more interested in shagging than getting their jobs done.
We're talking about two scenes in which two adults exchange brief kisses while having a conversation. I'm sure that whatever your personal life choices are, that kind of thing is nothing out of the ordinary, and not very similar to the kind of wanton debauchery you so vividly describe.
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