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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


A pretty bog standard Star Trek temporal anomaly helps frame a situation that exemplifies the friction between the Starfleet and Marquis crews.

A good episode that needed to happen. Janeway wants to bury the majority of the Marquis crew in minor roles due to 'regulations'. A rather short sighted stance for someone who's just been forced into a 75 year journey. Chakotay is the voice of reason here, the one person who points out that they need to find a balance between the two.

I also liked how much Janeway's science background comes into play, first when she wants the readings of the anomaly sent to her ready room for her own readings, then later as she warms up to Torres and they start riffing on solutions. Though she seriously gets a bit too close to Torres' face. This is a woman that started the episode by breaking someone's nose.

All in all a good episode that does well to further the characters and the Marquis/Starfleet situation on the ship.
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