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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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Personally, I found it tired and predictable. Had it been Scotty or Sulu... man, that would have been interesting.
In what way? How would that have served the movie, and how would it have worked thematically?

What would have been bolder is just not have the bridge crew banging each other at all. Or if they're a couple, they should keep it on the down-low and not exchange sweet nothings and kisses while on-duty. I mean, Starfleet is like the work-place and you can't get your work done if you are busy flirting with your girlfriend all the time. It just contributed to making the Enterprise feel like a frat-house with a bunch of kids that are more interested in shagging than getting their jobs done.

If they wanted to have this relationship taken seriously, though, they should have had some real relationship scenes between the two instead of dropping it on us like a bombshell merely through their overt body-language. It was clearly done just as a cheap shock-tactic.
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