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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

I think that earlier MI movies are relevant for comparative purposes. The two teams we had were M/F 2/3 and 3/1 in MI1, 2/0 in MI2, and 3/1 in 3 & 4, (I think) with one more man if you count their boss. There has been a consistent imbalance there since the promising start.

Thunderball had a great female villain, a competent female CIA agent, and a heroine that saves the hero but I would hesitate to say movie espoused modern-day equality overall. Nonetheless, comparatively, taking into account the nature of the franchise and when it was written, it scores far higher than NuTrek.

The role of women may depend upon the nature of the franchise - I don't expect to see equal numbers of female soldiers in a contemporary army film. When dealing with pure fantasy though, I think more effort should be made to apply higher standards of equality. Not every female character should be strong and up there with the main heroes but the same should be true of the male characters. There should be enough characters to give us a decent mix of both sexes. Too many movie writers seem to believe that being a woman is a defining trait in itself so we end up with one woman and a bunch of men with varying skills. It would be better to decide what characters they need and then ascribe the characters' gender.

Given their success with franchises featuring female leads 'could do (much) better' springs to mind for NuTrek. Whether pressure is coming from above or not (and I find it hard to believe that producers are saying, 'Use less women') the end result is lacking.
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