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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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not surprised that the actors are so evasive about it

Zoe Saldana in another interview said:

“Whether they are together or not that will remain to be seen. But come on, I'm not going to ruin the element of surprise! I signed papers, trust me! I will lose a kidney if I say too much!

this bit by Zachary Quinto from a recent article for EW is interesting though

"I think we tapped into something in the first film that a lot of people weren't expecting, which is the emotional undercurrent and how powerfully it runs through him. That continues in this film. There are things that happen to him -- and things that he's part of -- that are incredibly personal. That was really exciting for me both physically and emotionally."

I guess you won't know what he's talking about until may though

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The Spock / Uhura thing is a load of forced melodrama, pandering to a tween audience conditioned to the female lead falling for the emotionally distant handsome male.

It's a lazy attempt at giving the Uhura character a 3rd dimension and probably more insulting to the character than any of the lowest Uhura moments TOS presented us with.
so what Spock finally getting the girl could be pandering to socially awkward nerds that dream to get the hottest girl for once

the old " pandering to" argument...
girls only like romance, the fanboys only wants actions and don't want the girl to distract the guys from their videogames.. what next? who wants to add more stereotypes?
up this point breaking them up would be as fan pandering as keeping them together

fyi, most of the shippers in the trek fandom, that are women, are slash fans anyway...

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Personally, I found it tired and predictable. Had it been Scotty or Sulu... man, that would have been interesting.
In what way? How would that have served the movie, and how would it have worked thematically?

perhaps because ~thematically~ the few times the black girl is the love interest of the white guy, the latter is a secondary character (better if unattractive). Now that's predictable.
(notice how MCcoy didn't get a mention in that above comment )
That would surely fit with Hollywood-pre-established set of rules when it comes to love interests for characters like Uhura and would, therefore, be a cliché.
It is ironic, isn't it? say hi to intersectionality
Even nowadays, it takes more guts to put her with the white iconic protagonist, add that it's Spock of the two... whoa those crazy writers...

I'm just saying. Thing is, I'm white but Uhura is not a white girl and it's good to remember it.

I think it is ridiculous that race should even be of the main purpose of star trek was to blur the race line.

Gene Rodenberry’s dream was that all people will be treated and respected equally regardless of them been black, white or yellow or a different colour. In star trek it was very common for people of colour to get together and people of different species to also get together.

In the 23rd century. Spock is more likely to be racially abused than uhura . We saw it in the film. Spock getting bullied and emotional abused for been half-human and Spock is white.

Jim doesnt seem to care...all he cares about is getting pretty girls in his bed. he flirts with uhura who is black, he sleeps with Galia who is Green and he flirts with those ladies on the steps and they were white.
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