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Re: Paramount and CBS teaming for TV production

Well in projecting for Trek's next TV series if they see how the pilot process goes then they start talking in Autumn 2013 when either Beverly Hills Cop tv show is (greelit to series) airing or planning for other pilots for 2014 pilot season and longer 2015 pilot development - and how their experience goes they discuss putting Trek TV into development for a pilot script. Since paramount still had a 3rd Trek film to write and produce I can see them wanting a script treatment to see how it would look following the 3rd Trek film when they get that feature film script 1st draft. Since the Trek franchise is so much $ i can see then wanting to start development on a first treatment of TV or a few treatments to start moving in a direction when that 3rd Trek film is in pre-production.
Keep in mind if they stay on-schedule with the TNG releases on Blu-ray they will be done by Q2 2015. That would give them a chance to put a pilot promo on that 7th TNG season blu-ray release to reel in the Trekkies for Autumn 2015 or 2016. Could the TV landscape change so much by then that they would put a season of Trek into production without it airing until the end of shooting 13 episodes?
And if Trek wont be on CBS network anyway why does it have to air on linear TV starting in the Autumn? It could start on TV 7 months after The 3rd nuTrek film in February 2015 or 2016. They should want the Q4 sales as big as possible for Blu-ray release or that 3rd Trek film and no confusion with a new Trek series on TV starting 2 months after the cinema release.

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