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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

Angel and Faith #19: This was one hell of an issue. All the "Ripper" stuff in this book is making me wish that we got the series even more, because most of what the book is using is only a tease of what the greater plans for the series would have been. The only thing I didn't like in this issue was the way Gage wrote Spike. A little off for me, even though there were a couple of great moments with him and Faith. So now we're basically back to square one again and things have gotten potentially worse thanks to Angel's hair brained scheme. As I expected, he's put himself at risk and the others now potentially releasing Angelus again. I think also Spike hit it on the nail with the Buffy line. Angel keeps insisting that it is to do with taking responsibility for his actions with Giles, but really if he wanted to do that he would man up, apologize to Buffy and hope she gave forgive him. Instead he refuses to do this and has undertaken a foolhardy and dangerous plot to resurrect Giles that has not quite worked out at all.

Interesting to see where this continues to go. The art was stunning in this issue.
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