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Re: who the fff... put Troi in that outfit??

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there's a part of me that kinda wishes they hadn't given her officer rank and put her in a uniform in the pilot episode in the first place. That was the mistake
Troi in a miniskirt is NEVER a mistake.
Personally, I’m more taken with the plunging neckline in the remainder of S1 than the miniskirt in the pilot. As it is said, different strokes for different folks.

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I remember it didn't really bother me much when the show was new. It was noticeable of course, but it just seemed that Picard had offered leeway on his bridge, Wesley's stupid gray 'acting' ensign jumpsuit, Beverly ambling about in an ugly green lab coat, Worf wrapped in a tank tread, & Picard himself experimenting with different fashions, the most laughable of which was his puffy vinyl shoulder pads
Wesley’s gray jumpsuit of S2-S3 is rather attractive, IMO. It’s the rainbow sweater of S1 that really looks stupid.

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Lest we forget, Troi spent most of season one in a gray jumpsuit & an updo. It was far less casual looking than the maroon & lavender suits, but ugly as hell.
“Ugly as hell”? I love Marina Sirtis in that outfit!

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Roddenberry originally wanted to Deanna to have three breasts, and he had to be convinced that it was a stupid idea. We dodged a bullet!
I'm surprised he didn't recycle the dual belly-buttons from Genesis II.

(The same way he lifted Data from The Questor Tapes and repurposed Decker and Ilia as Riker and Troi.)
I think Data was also inspired in large part by Xon from Star Trek: Phase II.

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A non-uniform uniform.
I like to think of a non-uniform uniform being a lack of clothes.
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Now THAT I wouldn't have minded at all...!
Roddenberry was a man before his time. If he were living today and creating a series for Showtime or Starz, I’m sure we’d be treated to lots of boobies and merkins.
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