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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

5x13-Proving Ground: While watching this episode I was having flashbacks to TNG's Lower Decks at time. Miss thing Lt.Hailey is back with three more top tier recruits undergoing evaluation to see if they have what it takes to join the SGC. The whole episode is one big farce of an experiment set during a "Foothold" situation. The little nugget here is that Grace Park of soon to be nuBSG fame is one of the other 3 recruits. Season 5 is what 2002-ish now? This show has a way of revisiting characters, do we get her back before nuBSG starts, that was what '03 or '04?

5x14-48 Hours: While escaping Gou'ald under Tanith SG-1 is escaping back through the Gate. Teal'C takes an opportunity to get a lethal shot in at Tanith whose ship explodes into the Gate as he's escaping home. The surge forces the Gate to close before Teal'C an remerge on the other side. This was also very reminiscent of the Trek episodes where someone is caught in the transporters pattern buffer. In order to rescue Teal'C we need to work together with the Russians for their DHD. Don't think I missed that they have to work with Chekov again in a very Trek like episode. I'm also a fan of Gary Chalk for his Transformers voice work so it's nice to see him on camera in this show. Simmons shows up to add drama to the mix by ordering resuming Gate travel, which would kill Teal'C. De'Lancie is good at the bad guy role. Maybourne then shows up and Jack finally gets to ask him why he shot him, which he didn't. I'm going long on this one, sorry. Bottom line I liked this episode.

5x15-Summit: A meeting of Gou'ald System Lords is about to take place and the Tok'ra see this as way to eliminate them with a toxic poison in one place. In order to do so they need a human who can speak Gou'ald but is unknown to these System Lords. Enter Daniel Jackson, who will also use the chemical from the alien from Fifth Man, to make sure everyone sees him as whomever he need be. Especially when the surprise mystery uninvited guest in Osiris shows up, who does know Daniel due to her human host connection in Sarah. I thought the episode did a great job of building tension as it progressed. Meanwhile the Tok'ra have a spy in their midst and their secret base has been exposed. Seems the secret of the poison is out. SG-1 and SG-17(with team leader Lt.Elliott from the Proving Ground cadets) is attached to the mission. As the Tok'ra base is coming down around them one of the Tok'ra has to jump into Eliot to stay alive. Good episode.

5x16-Last Stand: Osiris reveals to the System Lords that she is the spokesperson for another....Anubis. Long since thought dead over 1000 yrs ago. The other Lords don't believe her of course. On the Tok'ra planet it's revealed that Eliot and his new Tok'ra host aren't faring so well. Jackson is going to try and capture Sarah/Osiris before releasing the poison by baiting her into a cargo hold of a shuttle. Sadly one of the other human slaves has gotten wise to Daniels game and sells him out to the Gou'ald Yu, the one Daniel has been serving. He has to abort and get to hidden ship where Jacob Carter has been. Elliott makes a big sacrifice on the Tok'ra world and is going to release the poison once the Jaffa and Gou'ald land on the planet killing as many as possible. Good conclusion on this two parter. With Elliott gone I only hope Lt.Hailey or Grace Parks Lt character shows back up soon, maybe start of season 6?

5x17-Fail Safe: SG-1 does Armageddon, I can hear the pitch in the writers room now. An asteroid is headed on a collision course with Earth and the Asgards are unable to assist in saving the world due to some non-interference clause in their pact with the Gou'ald. The dirty secret of the episode is that the asteroid is in fact artificially created and it's core packed with Naquita(sp), that may be the first attempt at spelling that I've made, and when it strikes Earth will wipe us out. So when things look bleak and this is revealed SG-1 who is stranded on the asteroid is beamed out by the Asgards....only after SG-1 has stretched the shuttles profile around the whole asteroid and warped through Earth, thus saving us. White House visits are going to be routine for this team.
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