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Re: The new SimCity...*sigh*

The more i read about the more i lose my excitement.

Main critique is the size aspect.. with Sim City 4 you could build to your hearts delight and if you were a truly insane guy you could use the entire region to build a true metropolis.

Now you get barely more space than my suburb apparently and are "expected" to work with other towns in your region for that special experience.

These days it seems all games need to have a social component.. multiplayer for the heck of it. While that is ok for truly competitive games like sports or shooters where computer controlled opponents are nothing like a live opponent i challenge the wisdom to include these in traditionally single player games.

I have no problem if EA wanted this component.. some people will like this aspect but why making it the dominant aspect of the game? Why not include both variants of it?

I was so excited when the game was announced and first screens appeared but now it seems i'll pass on it come release day here to read some more indepth reviews after everybody gets their hands on it.

Sim City 4 with updated graphics and some tweaks here and there.. bough wíthout having read a single review. This one? Not so much.
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