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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

Also, movie, your heroine shouldn't look stronger and more bad-ass than your hero.
I noticed this, too, when I saw it. I dare anyone to tlel me that she doesn't look stronger than the hero. I remember when this scene played out, Levvitt actually flinched like a girl when she brought that axe back.

I also agree with you about the TK thing

The only thing I admired about the film was how they filmed the meeting at the diner between Willis and Levitt. These are clearly two different actors, but the director staged the shots as if he was setting up split screen shots in the way he might as if he was using a VistaGlide camera system, which would be needed if he had the same actor playing both versions of the character. Such shots are difficult to pull off and had to be done carefully, a'la Back to the Future Part 2.
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