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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

The idea that a movie script "erases" 605 television episodes and 10 movies was ridiculously stupid in 2009 and it's still stupid in 2013. Newsflash: NONE of it is real. Really, the argument is sick and only serves to further the assumptions that people have made in the past that "Trekkies" can't distinguish fantasy from reality. No movie script or television script can erase jack squat because they are all fictional stories that were all penned from inside our universe.

People shouldn't still have to point out that their DVDs haven't vanished into a temporal vortex, but here we are.
"You have been examined. Your ship must be destroyed. We make assumption you have a deity, or deities, or some such beliefs which comfort you. We therefore grant you ten Earth time periods known as minutes to make preparations."
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