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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

Over the weekend, I went to the local Barnes & Noble to get "Devil's Bargain". They didn't have any copies in either the Star Trek section or the "New in SF & Fantasy" section (but which still had copies of the 2 most recent "Cold Equations" novels), even though the in-store kiosk said it was available. It's happened before that they've sold out of all copies, and I've been able to order a copy through the Customer Service desk, to be picked up at the store.

This time, I was told that the book could only be ordered for home delivery, not delivery to the store. Fortunately, since I'm a member of their Preferred Reader club, I got free delivery. But I didn't get the usual 10% discount on book purchases for members.

Since I've been going to B&N since Borders closed to get that 10% discount, and I can get new MMPBs through Amazon also at full price but with free shipping (I order enough every few months to qualify for free shipping), B&N is reducing the reasons I need (and want!) to visit their store. And that reduces the chance I'll make an impulse purchase, my daughters will find something they *must* have in the manga aisle, or my wife will want a book in the paranormal romance area; that means less money they'll get from me. And I'm obviously not the only one put off by their tactics in this dispute with Simon & Schuster. I'm pesisimstic whether B&N will still be around in 5 years...
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