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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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I finally saw this for the first time today.

I thought it was pretty good, although it did slow down quite a bit once they got to the farm. I guess that was the "heart" of the movie, eh?

Good ending.

"Above Average"
It did slow down by the stuff on the farm, but some of it I also liked. I also liked the Booty Call frog.

Anyway, as I'm sure I said above the "funniest" parts of the movie for me is whenever the kid went into his little "fits" the way it was shown was just more funny and cheesy than dramatic and scary. Also, movie, your heroine shouldn't look stronger and more bad-ass than your hero. Also, the TK thing came out of nowhere, made no sense (uhh... humans just developed it in the last 40 years or so... Yeah.) was forgotten about only to sort of come back later.
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