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Yeah, from what I hear, it starts after the Cerberus attack on the Citadel, so that's Mordin and Thane gone at that point. Although Legion could conceivably show up if you don't rush straight down to Rannoch after recovering it from the geth dreadnought. I guess it all depends where they decided to put in the hooks to main the story and when stuff becomes active.
Given the relatively narrow window in which Legion *could* conceivably appear, I doubt they went to the trouble of including him at all. Indeed I suspect half the point of setting the DLC story post coup is to help cut down on the number of characters appearing.

Right now I'm just wondering what happens if Wrex is dead already, given how active his role appears to be. I mean I can't exactly see Shep hanging out with Wreave in quite the same way. I actually might now have a reason to import my old "looser Shepard" save file as he got as just about every killed who could be killed. The permutations might be interesting.
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Well, I've prepared a save ready for this. After much deliberation, I'm going to pick it up directly after the Cerberus coup attempt on the Citadel. It says that you can start the DLC anywhere between then and before you start the Cronos Station mission, but, it also says that the character/LI stuff unlocks naturally as you progress the back half of the game. Post-Cerberus-Coup it is then!
For my first playthrough at least, I'll just load up my main Shepard right before Cronos Station, as that's where I left her off after Leviathan and Omega. With later playthroughs I plan on waiting until just before Thessia. Should be enough time to lock-in any romances and having a light hearted romp after that point just seems wrong to me.

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Was that 'Fleet and Flotilla' Tali and Shep were watching?
I wonder if that means those of us that romanced Liara will get to watch Vaenia...

[EDIT] Oh look, it seems like the ANN twitter feed is doing the viral marketing shtick again.

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