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Well to be fair, if there was ever a time for fan service, the last ever story of Shepard's saga would be it.
Completely agree - it's what the final DLC should always have been, character-focused.

Was that 'Fleet and Flotilla' Tali and Shep were watching?

Wouldn't it have made more sense for Parasini or al-Jilani to be delivering this news?
It should have been really, yes. Would have made sense. Having said that, the new character, who does deliver the news, looks like she's going to be heavily involved in the plot.

Who is that hooded Salarian hanging around with the crew? Not Mordin obviously. Similarly that Drell can't be Thane, so is it Kolyat or Feron? I'm betting the former.
The Drell is Kolyat - The hooded Salarian, the Dalatrass?

Looks like maleSheps who romanced Jack get a version of her omega-skull tattoo on his shoulder. I wonder if we'll get to see her new N7 one on her arse.
It's one of the new mini-games, you get to brand it on!

Yikes. Collateral damage much?!
Yep, The Normandy appearing to do nearly as much damage to the Citadel as the Reapers do later on!

Well, I've prepared a save ready for this. After much deliberation, I'm going to pick it up directly after the Cerberus coup attempt on the Citadel. It says that you can start the DLC anywhere between then and before you start the Cronos Station mission, but, it also says that the character/LI stuff unlocks naturally as you progress the back half of the game. Post-Cerberus-Coup it is then!

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I think I'll do a run through of this DLC with my Femshep first since that's the one that has everyone alive (everyone that can be alive anyways). The only other game I have available is missing Garrus after he took a rocket to the face on the Collector Base in ME2.
I just found the first save that I could that was just after the Cerberus Coup attempt and then gibbed it. Also took the opportunity to swap out Ashley in favour of Kaiden, given how fucking miserable she is for most of the game. Don't want her spoiling the mood during fun-times at mega casino!
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