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1. The order I am aiming for is a spoiler-minimal one that would take me quickly to the boundaries of known canon, with less regard to publication or internal-chronological order.

3. Not sure where ENT should be placed - given that I know there are some connections to the post-Nemesis novels.

4. I am currently beginning to watch the TNG Season 3 episodes.

5. I don't think the Lost Era books have a particular placement - are there connections to other series?

6. Given what I know, DS9 and Voyager aren't really important for the pre-Destiny TNG or Titan novels, so that's why I put them after. I could enjoy Destiny without having watched either or those. Or so I guess. And I also guess (though that's probably wishful thinking) that I won't be spoiled before watching them.
In terms of "spoiler free" books, I would say that pre-1996 novels tend to fit that, since while they do make the odd reference to maybe an episode or two, for the most part it is a very faint reference, and when TNG and DS9 were starting, neither series was heavy on references from the other, all though if it was something dealing with a historical fact that had been established on-screen in TNG or DS9, then that was usually mentioned. But, you might want to read the Endgame, Homecoming, The Farther Shore, Spirit Walk #1 Old Wounds, Spirit Walk #2 Enemy of my Enemy and the first part of Full Circle prior to Destiny as Chakotay and the crew undergo dramatic changes and a lot of the interactions between the Voyager characters from the TV series and new characters develops in those books.

For TNG season 3, you might want to check out TNG #10 A Rock And A Hard Place, which I believe takes place just prior to Evolution, and then check out #12 Doomsday World. You should also read #7 Masks which is a Season 2 novel.

As for Enterprise novels, By The Book, What Price Honor, Surak's Soul, Daedalus, and Daedalus's Children all take place during the first 2 seasons. Last Full Measure is set just after the first episode of Season 3 (although I don't recommend the book, since it doesn't add anything to your understanding or enjoyment of Season 3), while Rosetta takes place at the same time as In A Mirror Darkly Parts 1 & 2, albeit in the main universe. The Good That Men Do rewrites the ending of Enterprise that we saw in These Are The Voyages..., plus it also contains some spoilers for the post-DS9 series.

The Lost Era books all take place between the first part of Star Trek Generations and Encounter At Farpoint. Another book to add to that section would be The Captain's Daughter, since it takes place after the first part of Generations (but was printed in 1996, about 6 years before the Lost Era was first published), and, as I recall, Serpent's Amongst The Ruins makes reference to the book.

You might want to pick up Jeff Ayer's 2006 book Voyages of Imagination; it contains a timeline placing all the books published from 1966 up to the end of 2006 (that's for Whitman, Bantam, Ballantine and Pocket Star Trek books) in chronological order.

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