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Re: Nolan now in total control, and Bale will return as Bats

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I hope this is false. I HATE Nolan, he needs to stay away from JL. Does DC really need to keep up having the worst live action superhero movies? I mean, they can't beat Marvel with live action movies (They do, however, usually beat them in animation). It probably has to do with Warner brothers being run my semi-intelligent crabs. Still, they could, in theory, have good live action movies, they just need to stop using Nolan.

It would kind of make sense, though. While DC has some awesome characters, and has previously had some awesome comics, recently the quality of their comics has sucked, as has their live action movies. So, if this rumor is true, while Marvel gets great actors, great writers, and the awesome Joss Whedon to do their team up movie (after releasing a bunch of awesome live action movies to set up a universe for the team up movie) DC would get a horrible director and a horrible actor to take part in a movie that may or may not be connected to a few mediocre to horrible movies. So, I guess this wpould be their way of keeping the status quo of being much worse than Marvel in the quality of their products.
Yeah well.. the public and the critics disagree with you.

So there you go.. not everybody likes Nolan and he's not a popcorn and soda type of flashy director who writes humor and action effortlessly like Whedon but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

As i said earlier Nolan is different and if he makes something to the level of his Batman movies i'll be very excited to see it. Flash, action and humor i've got plenty by seeing Marvel movies.. something different is very good.
Yes, because seeing a dark, slow JL movie with everyone brooding all the time is exactly the right thing to do. Plus, it has to have Nolan's "realistic" thing going on, so the villain has to be either stupid and unthreatening (aka Bane) or just the villain in name only (like Ledger's Joker). I'm hoping that, if this happens, the villains are: a former stage actor turned to a life of crime named Despero, a mad scientist who was beaten by his dad as a kid named Brainiac and finishing the evil group off a jewel theft who named herself after her biggest heist, Star Sapphire. As for the League, you'd have the Flash, who will be a former olympic athlete with a tragic past who is the fastest human on earth (probably running at, I don't know, 20-25 mph) and Wonder Woman (a greek woman who either escaped from a mental institution or was made in some government lab) who has no powers except a lasso, and she'll look like some skinny, wimpy model and be played by an actress who doesn't fit the role (I'm thinking either Megan Fox or Emma stone, or if they're not avaliable the woman from Twilight).

Let's not forget Jason Statham as Martian Manhunter (a bounty hunter from Mars, Pennsylvania, with advanced government weapons) or Aquaman, the former seaworld employee with a troubled past. Then, stick in Cyborg, but have him be much less advanced then he is in the comics and make his cyborg nature part of some obscure plot by terrorists, maybe tie it in with Ra's from Nolan's Batman. Then, you'd need a more obscure hero to pander to the comic fans, so lets say they include Zatanna, with her stripper backstory from the current New 52 comics, but as just an illusionist/escape artist with not actual magic powers. Now, Nolan would probably have to give Superman and GL powers, but they'd be the exception, and spend the whole movie being called freaks and hated by the general public. Give the movie a stupid plot that a three year old could write better (maybe see if the morons who wrote Transformers and Star Trek 2009 aren't busy), make it 3 hours long, and you have Nolan's Justice League. It would be different from Avengers, but different isn't always good.
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