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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Kosh Naranek wrote: View Post
My mother was really distressed by the hitcher. Passing him by and then taking his pack after he became zombie fodder was just too callous for her. It was a big turn off.
I saw it as one of those little character moments that lets us know where these people are at this point in this struggle. Interestingly we were shown Carl as the only occupant of the car who looked back at the guy. I imagine what we were being told was that because of his young age, Carl had managed to hold onto a bit more of his humanity than Rick and Michonne. Still though, we see young Carl attempt to put a bullet through a stranger later in the episode, not to mention all the other stuff we've seen him do

The thought of stopping and picking the guy up did not appear to have even crossed Rick and Michonne'sr minds. It was an even more interesting scene when contrasted with where poor Morgan was at the same time.

Mojochi wrote: View Post
That guy is a stellar actor & even if it's the last time we see him, it was well worth it
Agree. I was thinking at the time that this is a masterful performance. He went from total lunacy to normal with bursts of lunacy scattered throghout his speech. After he finished I had no trouble understanding this guy totally. The actor deserves some Emmy consideration for those scenes, IMO.

Spoiler speculation (I know nothing): per haps we will see Morgan again in a Han Solo type scene during the battle with the Govenor's group.

I agree with all re: Carl and Rick and Michonne. Very nice stuff. Rick could really do worse than keeping her with them. She is brave, resourceful and smart, and experienced.

One last, re: the reason Michonne traveled with the walkers on a leash. I saw this further upthread. I thought the reason stated was that they kept other walkers way from her by masking her scent. No?
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