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Re: Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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No offence again but you are still dont uderstand much. A cliché romance is a romance with two perfect pretty people having a relationship based on lust , superficiality and shallowness.
Offence taken.

And again, they could not use scotty because he had a supporting role and was hardly a character in the first film. the love story must always been between the main leads. so that will be kirk/spock, spock/uhura or kirk/uhura. why is that so hard to understand.

There is nothing cliché about that.
You're right. The thing that everyone expects them to do and the thing they always do isn't a cliché.


Also there is nothing wrong with attracting are the one that is been sexist. You think trek should be all about actions and explosion and should have no feminine attribute like romance.

JJ trying to appeal to the masses is not a cheap trick it is a smart trick to make star trek more commercially successful and more popular among men and women.
Cheap and smart aren't mutually exclusive. I already said that it worked liked a charm in attracting an audience.

In case you dont know but every film in history,regardless of its genre has always had added a romantic plot to the story line.

A lot of men loved Titanic.... they are just to ashamed to admit it.
More sexism.
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