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Re: Project: Full Circle Mission Length

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IFM is not hard to reconcile with the current novelverse continuity. The various discussions about it seemed odd to me, as the 'continuity errors', other than the Leah Brahms thing, are hardly note worthy.

I'm not saying another 24th century crossover is inevitable, but it seems like another one will be around at some point. Destiny was amazing and the Typhon Pact stories have been great. Destiny featured the TNG cast, Titan, Voyager in a cameo, and Ezri from DS9. I remember when it was on the shelves, how much people wanted more info on the DS9 characters we didn't see and what had happened to them in the intervening years (2378-2381).

I love the pace Voyager is going at, but with only one book a year (and none in 2013), it won't take long for the Voyager storyline to fall several years behind the other 24th century books, and preclude involving them in what's going on in the AQ.

Of course, if the plan is for Voyager to establish a new "home base" in the DQ, such as New Tallax, and operate out of there for the forseeable future, then Voyager not being in the AQ won't be a problem.

I just don't want another situation like the DS9-R "Ascendants" situation, where we have to skip ahead a few years and miss out on all the story possibilities for the Full Circle crews..
Pretty much the same concerns I had in my "is voyager not as popular" thread.

They are leaping too far ahead with TNG in my opinion.
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