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Re: Why did the Changelings look like Odo?

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I don't think the Founders really had a default humanoid shape - or, at least, they didn't until they came across Odo.

If Odo's appearance really was typical of the Founders, it seems like the Vorta (Erris, Emmis, maybe?) from the Season 2 finale should have recognized him as one of her gods. Instead, she barely acknowledges him when he steps up to arrest her before she escapes.

Since the Founders make their first appearance in the next episode looking like Odo, I always assumed that they were able to somehow determine that Odo was one of them from the Vorta's report and thereafter mimicked his appearance to make it clear to him and everyone else that they were the same species.
There's not much continuity between The Jem'Hadar and every other episode with the Dominion. Take, for instance, the way the Jem'Hadar act. They are menacing bad guys, arrogant in the 2nd season finale, in the rest of the series they can take the dialogue and they are just confident in themselves and the Dominion. The Vorta can summon an energy bubble from her chest and knock Sisko to the ground? I believe the bible on the Dominion was written between the 2nd and 3rd seasons by Robert Hewitt Wolfe. At least, that's what I think remember from the DVD commentaries.
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