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Re: Cardassian society - enforcement or preference?

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I never quite got the climate change angle, because as a race they're so obviously shown to be a species adapted to desert conditions - it's emphasized several times in the series as well as in some books that they like it dry and hot. This suggests they have evolved in just such conditions. Of course species can change and adapt, but this takes a lot of time, and if they're meant to have been living in some sort of lush green environment a mere couple of thousand years or even less ago, then their physiology doesn't make sense.
While I always suspected Cardassia, pre-cataclysm, was hotter and more arid than Earth, imagine if we humans had lived during the times of a mass extinction event such as the P-T extinction.

Something that severe would gut the entire ecosystem too quickly for natural adaptation to save most species. The most sensitive species go immediately, and those first extinctions start a devastating chain reaction traveling through the entire biosphere.

At least, that's what I've based what I call the "Cataclysm" on, in my own universe.
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